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First Bath

..انزل لطفاً من أجل النسخة العربية

I didn’t give my baby a bath right after birth, or right after getting home.. I was so scared, because he has very sensitive tender smooth skin.. and I waited until his umbilical cord stump to fall off and heal, and that took two weeks.. Also, I felt I need time to recover from the birth and get used to handling my baby before I’m ready to bathe him.

After two weeks, I made him his first bath with the help of my mother and husband.
It was so quick, and last just for five minutes, we were afraid that he might catch cold, because you know newborns can lose body heat very quickly, and we made sure the bathroom is warm, and the water in his plastic baby bath is comfortably warm and well cover his shoulders.. Then we directly cuddled him afterwards.

His first bath was so quick and went so smooth, it was a nice experience with my new baby.. I had to learn a few things about baby’s first bath, and I enjoyed those five minutes a lot.

Later on, the bath time was so amusing; it’s the best time to spend together, gazing into his eyes, kissing his yummy belly, massaging his body gently, counting those tiny toes, singing silly songs..I felt like the best time to communicate with him.

When my baby feels my touch on his body, and hearing my voice, I felt that he was feeling how much I love him, and reacting by his adorable charming smile, which makes me the happiest person on earth.


After all, the warm water, the warm room and the warm feeling of being safe, secure and loved work magic and put my baby in the mood to snooze..
Enjoy your bath time my lovely one 😊



حمام طفلي الاول

..طفلي حبيبي، هاقد أنرت البيت بقدومك، وجملته بضحكاتك، وأسعدتني بقربك ليل نهار

،طفلي حبيبي، لم أكن أعلم أن قلبي سيخفق وينبض حباً كلما رآك

             ..لم أكن أعلم أن نظرة واحدة منك ستعيدني الى الحياة من جديد

أكنت تعلم أنني قد جهزت فراشك بجانبي، ووضعت وسادتك على صدري، ولحافك من جسدي؟

..أحبك حباً لم يخلق قبله ولا بعده

..أخاف على جسدك الناعم وجلدك الطري،، حتى أنني أخشى ملامسة الماء لك ولاصابعك

..ولكن هاقد حان الآن موعد حمامك الأول، هاقد جاء دور الماء ليحتضنك من جديد، بعد ان لفك وأنت بداخلي

أترى ياصغيري، ها اأنا ذا مع والدك وجدتك، نستمتع بمداعبتك، لتعود بك الذكريات وتظن أنك مازلت تسبح في جسدي، أريد البقاء هنا الى ..الأبد، ولكن لابد لنا من الانتهاء بسرعة، فجسدك الصغير لايحتمل فرصة تلاقيه مع البرد

لم يكن حمامك هذا أطول من خمس دقائق، ولكن سنعود من جديد، لقضاء أوقات الاستحمام باللعب والضحك والغناء، وسامسج جسدك الناعم وأدلكه بالزيت حتى تنعم بنوم هادئ بعد الحمام،، أحبك



6 thoughts on “First Bath

  1. This post is so adorable! I don’t have any kids yet but I never thought that giving a baby their first bath could make a mother feel so nervous. Thank you for sharing this post 🙂 it has made me realize how I may feel someday. I admire that your blog is all about your experience with mother hood and how your baby boy is growing up. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment. I love writing about my experience with my son, with all his growing up and development. giving my baby his first bath made me excited and a nervous at the same time, since you know with no previous experience and being afraid I might hurt his soft head or his tiny body. I think every mother needs help to give her first baby a bath 🙂


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