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Mother Responsibilities

Becoming a mother can be both rewarding and fulfilling. However, the stress and daily pressure of being a new mom and suddenly being responsible 24 hours a day, may sometimes drive the mother to despair!

Now after the mother starts to recover and realizes she has a new family member to look after, she begins to notice her responsibilities towards her baby. Which are so many that no words nor pages can be enough to describe! And the more her children grow up, the more her responsibilities increases.

Playing with my baby
It’s not as a responsibility; it’s more as having fun with my baby. The most beautiful moments when I spent it hugging my cute baby son, kissing him, teaching him how to pronounce mama, baba, watching him opening his adorable small mouth trying to repeat it. I always wanted to see him happy, smiling; he has that charming attractive smile that always entertained me, and made me feel blessed.

Going out with my baby

At his first year I enjoyed going out with him, pushing him in his stroller. He spent all the time sleeping, made me really proud of him when I visited my friends.
One of the funny things that are unforgettable, when my husband, me and my baby were in a mall, and after buying what we need, accidentally we left our baby sleeping in his stroller, and went away! Oh, we totally forgot him, until reaching the car, when I shouted “where’s my baby?” I ran scared like crazy to find him lying like an angel with his cute baby face. Oh, how much I adore you.

Bath time 

This part was the most beautiful one for me. Bath time means time to play with him, squeeze him, hugs, giggles, kisses, watching him stretching his body. It was so much amusing, always went fast and smooth. We continually tried to keep his bath toys ready and clean in his tub, and he spent the time playing, laughing, moving his legs up and down. Furthermore was the after bath kiss, no one could ever take it before me 😉

Feeding my baby
We all heard about the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and her baby. Well, feeding your baby at the breast isn’t always easy and smooth. There are some problems; that surely defer from one another. At first my baby wasn’t able to latch on, no matter how we tried, me, my mother and my doctor, to help him. That made it so difficult, for when the milk comes in, and my breasts start leaking and spraying, and they become as hard as rock! I felt I can’t encounter all the bumps in the breastfeeding road anymore! Then I started to use the breast pump, to provide my baby with the best food on earth, I committed myself to give him the best always and ever. But I kept on trying with him, until it did really work. I was so happy and proud. Every time I was feeding him I felt the unconditional love, the unaffected affection, I felt that he began to recognize and love my smell. And that was the most surprising part of it 🙂

Changing the baby’s diaper
When I changed my son’s poopy diaper for the first time, I seriously got so disgusted, almost to the point where I just wanted to throw up, especially when my finger got a little bit dirty from it!
Frankly I kept that feeling for myself all that time. No one knew about it even my husband! I was afraid If anyone knows they might think I’m a bad mother, or I don’t deserve to be a mom. So it was my secret until now.
Actually I don’t know if this feeling is ordinary, if any other mother felt like this or it’s just me?
Besides I had another problem that was when is the right time to change his diaper? Because most of the times he urinates the minute I open his nappy 😦

Sleepless nights
Waking up in the night to the sound of my baby crying, to feed him, changing his diaper, to stay with him, to calm him down. It’s so hard for the mother to see her baby cries. She’s able to stay awake all night to make sure her baby is okay. Some babies may experience an interrupted sleep, or they may be of the day sleeper type, just like mine! Thus, the lack of sleep made me suffer from fatigue and stress, especially when I had to wake up early next day.

I remember one day when I woke up to the sound of my baby crying, not recognizing his voice after a long exhausting day, wondering whose baby is this? Where’s his/her mother? Why is he/she crying? Soon after I realized that this is MY baby.

Did you ever imagine that you may one day eat your baby’s vomiting?!! Believe me, it’s so nasty!
When I was one morning playing with my baby, holding him up after feeding him, watching his adorable smile, suddenly felt something on my face, my hair, and my neck, also getting into my mouth 😦 oh my god! I didn’t know what to do, that I started to cry!
But then I learned that after feeding your baby you shouldn’t make him/her laugh a lot, just in case you don’t wanna see any accidents!

All the daunting task during the day will be forgotten the minute you see your baby’s smile. That makes you feel you’re doing ok, and all the things you’re trying to do are appreciated. After all every minute you spend with your baby, it does really worth it.



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