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My Baby’s first Birthday

انزل فضلاً لقراءة النسخة العربية
Happy birthday my lovely baby
His first year is over and babyhood is behind me now. Will hold on for the toddler years…in the coming months.
Oh, how fast the babies grow up..😍
I want to note every single act of my baby in this particular day, it’s his birthday party, so he can do whatever he likes..
I prepared every thing from the cake to the house decorations, we were all so happy..
But after all, I felt like he didn’t realize or react as all this party and the gifts were for him, maybe he didn’t recognize what was going on..😉
He has just a few little teeth now, and he can eat more table foods, and among the things that I can consider introducing to my toddler now;
Cow’s milk adding some honey for it, instead of sugar.
Corn and Citrus fruit
Eggs mixed with soups or milk, so he can accept it.
Peanuts and tree nuts
But he still isn’t able to grip a cup and drink from it independently, and hand-feed himself. So he still depends on me completely. I think that’s why he’s wrestling with bouts of separation anxiety. I know it’s natural, since he loves me and depends on me, so he’s distressed when I leave.
The communication is becoming more two-way now, and I’m trying to have a plenty of time to connect with him. We read stories together, and he helps me turning the pages of the storybooks. We go out together, feeling happy when he plays with the sand, run to me to show me his new toys, forgetting that I brought it to him ☺️ , I always used to put away some of his new toys, then bring them out a few at a time, so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. We eat together, and I love when he sits down with us at table, eats his fruits and gets his clothes dirty. And we play together, he perfected the art of picking up his toys, manipulating small objects with his hands, his games may now be noisier than before. But his favorite game is to play with the kitchen containers, so I kept them all, and never throw them away.
Since I established a bedtime routine for my baby at his 6th-month-old, so he knows when it’s time to go to bed, but still he has sleep disorders. He wakes up twice at night to drink his milk bottle, maybe because he was calm-day-sleeper, he couldn’t have a full night of sleep.
But reading a bedtime story was one of the most enjoyable time for him, and it helped settle him to sleep..
At this point, my baby started to use hand gestures instead of crying to ask for what he wants, like when he raised his hands for me to carry him, or pointed out to his bottle, when he wants milk or water.
This phase is so nice, because gestures speak louder than crying, he’s talking up a storm in gestures.
It’s my job now to help my toddler make connections between objects and their names. Because I know, the more I do name the items, the faster his vocabulary will grow.
I Keep talking to him, the more times my baby hears a word, the quicker he will remember it, so I’m trying to repeat words as often as I can.. Every time we go out, we count stair steps as we climb them, and point out the names and colors of fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores. I Also ask him to point to familiar objects after reading him a picture book.
I also label things everyday, I even wrote the names of each item, and paste it on it, so his eyes glance it at least once each day, which I’m sure it’s going to stick in his mind, and help him memorize  it.
I’m showing my baby now the program “your baby can read”, we watch the video once everyday, he’s beginning to recognize hand motions.
I can’t wait to hear my baby call me Mama…🙈🙊
عيد ميلاد طفلي الأول
.تمضي الأيام وتمر السنة الأولى من عمرك يا فلذة كبدي
ً.مرت سريعا وكبرت عاما وهاأنت الان أمامي، تركض نحوي، تلعب حولي، وتملأ قلبي فرحا وسرورا
اليوم هو يوم الاحتفال بعيد ميلادك، فقبل سنة من الان، كنت أجهل معنى الأمومة، لم أكن أعلم أن طفلي سيكون سر سعادتي، ونبض قلبي، ومصدر ابتسامتي. فرحته فرحي، أكرس عمري لأجله، وأنعم بوجوده في حياتي
يامن احتويته بداخلي، وغذيته من جسدي، تسعة أشهر وأنا أتكبد العناء ومشقة الحمل، منتظرة اليوم الذي سأحملك فيه بين يدي، وأضمك لصدري، وأنظر لوجهك أول نظرة، تلك النظرة التي أحيت فيي صفة الأمومة، وأشعلت بريق الحب والتعلق بين قلبين متوهجين
.اليوم أتممت عامك الأول، وهاأنا ذا أتنعم بالنظر اليك، وأتلمس بديع صنع ربي لك، وأتنفس عبق رائحتك
كم استمتع بقربك، عندما أروي لك قصة ماقبل النوم، وتقلب أوراقها بأصابعك الطرية، وتحرك شفتيك محاولا تتبع الكلام من بعدي، وتبتسم لي، تلك الابتسامة السحرية، لتقول لي أنك أحببت القصة، وتنام على صدري ووجهك متجها الي، وكأن حالك يقول، أكملي القصة.. وارويها لي مجددا بلا توقف.
كم أسعد برؤيتك تتسلق كرسيك الصغير لتجلس عليه وقت الطعام، وتحاول امساك الملعقة، لتسكب الطعام على الأرض. ومن ثم تبكي عندما تشعر بالأسف، لتعبي وأنا أنظف من بعدك
كم هو جميل رؤيتك تحرك رأسك للأسفل لتجيب: نعم، وعندما ترفعه للأعلى لتقول: لا، وتؤشر باصبعك لما تريد.
هاقد أعددت لك الكعكة، وزينت المنزل بأبهى حلة، فاليوم هو يومك، أريد تدوين كل حركاتك، وتسجيل كلماتك، فاركض والعب، وامرح واستمتع، فالايام امامك والدنيا تفتح يديها تستقبلك بكل حب وتفاؤل

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