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One year and a half Baby Boy


It’s an exciting time when, after months of babbling, my child begins to form recognizable words. It’s not an overnight process, and the pace varies significantly from child to another. My child was a late talker, maybe because he’s too shy, or growing up with two languages led to his speech delay*. Anyway, I didn’t push on him, knowing that my baby was trying to concentrate, so I just let him take his time.
By the time, my husband was worried, and started to push on me, and blaming me for my boy’s confusion! and supposing that raising a bilingual child will lead to language problems! as for me, I insisted that there just isn’t any really evidence of language confusion, of course, there’s language mixing, and it’s called code-switching.
At this point my baby’s vocabulary consists of only a couple of words, sometimes with pointing to it, or just we know it by his tone, and he’s almost as if he’s speaking a foreign language.
Later he’s saying the same word in different ways, and using different gestures. Those early words were related to things in his immediate life, from everyday life, or words to do with eating or desires.
Oh, my boy, 😘 your voice, cuter than a voice has a right to be, uttering achingly adorable mispronunciation after mispronunciation, “ba” for baba, “ma” for mama, “boo” for drinking milk or water💕
I think maybe he’s learning but I won’t know until several months later, but I’m sure he understands much more than he can say or express, because now he’s able to respond to simple questions and commands, when I give him some clues with hand gestures, like “where’s your nose?” Or “point to your glass”. Or even “hand me the cap”.
He answers in his own way using his own gestures, such as shaking his head for “no”.
As my baby develops and showing greater understanding and starting to grasp the meaning of words, I think it’s time to begin teaching him the basics of good manners, like “please” and “thank you”, and how to help out. This is especially important at meal times when my baby should be joining in with the entire family.
I love how he pulls my hand to sit every time I want to feed him, even if it’s just one bite.😘
In order to help my son be appreciative and helpful, I tried to make toy tidy-up time fun by turning it into a game, while singing some nice songs, though he probably won’t get the idea just yet, it’s never too early to start.
Actually, I’m against that my child watches TV at this early age, but letting him just watch “your baby can read” videos once every day, helped him a lot.
I enjoyed teaching him how to walk, then now he can walk by sofa’s sides. The way he calls me mama is the most beautiful sound and name ever.😍
It’s so nice when he reaches up to hold my hand when we have our daily walk.
I’m so thankful and grateful, I can’t believe how fast he’s grown up 😊
*Just to know that research indicates that bilingualism does not cause delays in either speech or language acquisition,” says Ellen Stubbe Kester, president of Bilinguistics, which offers bilingual speech-language services in Austin

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