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Being a MOM, becoming a MOTHER, and MOTHERHOOD..

It’s the most beautiful feeling ever.The mother is the happiest person in the world with her children, her happiness completes when she’s surrounded with her kids. No one can ever describe it in words, it’s the life’s strongest bond ever that no one can imagine how it be between the mother and her child. All these emotions come with great responsibilities.

Your life changes completely when you have a baby. You may change your habits, but it’s all for good. The first moment you hold your child in your hands, you’ll feel the whole mother love and compassion about your baby. No matter how much you’ve been suffering during pregnancy, during labor, or even after delivery. You’ll forget it all with one smile of your child. No matter how low you’re feeling, one smile and your spirits are high again. There’s something divine about a baby’s smile, it makes all your pain, exhaustion vanish away. And then that smile will become the best thing in your life.

No matter how afraid you were about becoming a mom, about spending your whole time looking after your baby, having no much time for yourself, losing your hobbies, being isolated from your friends, it’s just for the first few months. And then you’ll love living every minute of your child’s life.

At first, you may find that motherhood is exhausting. You may feel like you’re not ready yet to be a good mother, but then suddenly you’ll find an inner strength in yourself that you never thought you had before!

All the sleepless nights don’t seem like a sacrifice anymore. And even when you don’t get enough sleeping at night, you’ll still have the energy and power to look after your baby, and his/her needs throughout the day. And you’ll love every minute of being next to your baby, enjoying your life besides him/her, and you’ll not trade it for anything in the world.

Being a mom for sweet kids is the best thing that can happen to someone, but it can understandably be very tiresome. After delivery, you’ll feel depressed, and sometimes you may burst into tears with no reason. But it’s all natural, and it all boils down to the hormonal, physical, psychological changes that happen to you.

I still remember myself during my childbirth, I was crying, shouting “I wanna die” because I couldn’t bear all that pain. And all the nurses tried to calm me down, but I just got more mad and angry! After delivery, I kept on remembering what I went through. And that made me decide to postpone my second pregnancy.

When they brought me my baby while I was in the hospital, I felt so sad of all that pain I suffered because of him. At first, I just couldn’t look at him, and my nurse told me that it’s ok to feel like that. But after a while, I realized how cute he is, and I tried to carry him. Maybe you don’t feel all pleased right away, but I’m sure you’re going to overcome all your fears and you’ll be glad with your baby, and after all, you’ll be happy to have a cute baby like yours.

For you as a mother your baby means everything to you, you want to make the world a better place for him/her. You want to protect him/her from all the evil things, you’re now ready to fight against all the odds to make him/her safe and pleased.

This is the MOTHER.


– This is what my son done to my drafts 🙂

25 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. First of all, I have to admit that this is one of the few posts that I’ve read many times in one day! or maybe it was the only post ever who took my mind away and let me think deeply in many meanings of LIFE! It shocked me to be honest!

    Second of all, we all are children of mothers, mother is THE main pillar of man kind, there is no life without her for sure, but in this post we’ve been introduced to a great reveal of the true feelings of a mother, that was a new experience for me personally, and definitely to many people as me! The beauty of describing those feelings with the warm set of words and phrases makes this post a BRILLIANT and honest lesson for everyone in this world about the true values of motherhood, which become absent in these “FastFood” days..

    I’d like to congrats you for sharing these cheerful lines, and just want to congrats your husband too for the treasure that he had got. And I’d like share it and reblog it if you don’t mind.

    Thanks a million 🙂 You’ve made my day! 


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  2. Congrats to you!! You are very lucky to come across with the beautiful journey,every women drems of…. i wish i will also become a mother soon (trying and trying ;))
    It was very interesting write up!! Enjoyed each words. Read again and again!!
    Keep writing and inspire us!!
    Lots of love 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t been on here in a month or so, and it was so great to see this first!

      Actually I love blogging, and I think this is my own space, where I can speak frankly and express my feelings, like a reminder for myself so I can get to it later. Or as I’m telling my close friend what happened with me, what is going on, etc.

      I’m trying to open up my life, and let other people in. I really feel comfortable after every post I write here.

      Thanks for noticing, and thank you again for your nice comment 🙂

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      1. I noticed you hadn’t been active in a while and was wondering if everything was okay with you… Glad to know you are back 🙂

        It’s wonderful that you’re able to open up on your blog. It really shines through in your posts and I’m sure many of your readers will feel the same way. Keep up the great work my girl! :*

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  3. It’s wonderful to be open with your thoughts as a mother. I’ve always looked forward to having children, and I hope someday I’m blessed with them. Being around someone who loves you no matter what is the best thing in life, a bond that can never be severed. Happy blogging! -Author S

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    1. Thank you for your nice words. It’s really a blessing to have kids, and watch them grow and learn!

      Hope you will have kids soon, and enjoy every minute with them, it’s a joy that can’t be traded with anything else 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! I love children, so I hope to get my own some day. They are a light, a joy! Their value is endless. All the love in the world. Happy reading, writing, blogging, and mothering!
        -Author S

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      2. Thank you very much! Best wishes to you too ma’am. Feel free to stop by any time. Happy reading! -Author S

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  4. I wanted to take a moment on this Sunday afternoon and wish you a happy mother’s day! I hope your family treats you to a special day, overwhelming you with extra love and kindness. Have a wonderful evening!
    -Author S

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