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Arab Medical Center

Yesterday I had pain in my stomach, and I felt a little dizzy with a little fever, and suddenly I started to throw up.

It all started after I ate falafel sandwich for breakfast, then I don’t know what happened to me!

I threw up 6 times in almost one hour! my husband took me to the specialist Gastroenterologist doctor, who asked a few questions about my condition, requested some bloodwork and tests. Then he checked my bloodpressure, the shocking results were horrible 90/40 which is extremely low, so he recommended that I have to increase my liquid and salt intake immediately. Since I was vomiting almost everything, and there was no way I can take anything by mouth, so he sent us to the hospitsal, where they can give me an IV.

We went to the  arab medical center hospital in Amman as the doctor recommended!!

With their slogan “QUALITY COMPASSIONATE CARE”, you may imagine alot of things, but not to see the dirty floors, or the careless staff, or even the blood on sheets! Oh, that was so disgusting!!


They asked me to lay down on bed that had dirty sheets and blood stains all over it!! when I asked them to change it, they put another one, but it was no different!!new one.png

Although the doctor came to the hospital to track my treatment, there wasn’t even the lowest level of care or hygiene!!

Not to mention their so small parking! where you should struggle to find a place for your car, and the fight that was happening between a woman with broken leg and her husband with the careless valet!

It was my first time entering this hospital, and the last for sure!!



2 thoughts on “Arab Medical Center

  1. Interestingly I hardly ever go to hospitals and if I do it’s usually to visit or stick around with someone for surgery. Though I must say, I have yet to see a hospital with sub par standards. Well at least that ordeal is over now, hopefully your health’s been better since then.

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