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2 Years Old Dear Boy

When my boy hits his second year, he became frustrated by his inability to communicate his needs, he knows what he wants but he doesn’t have the language skills to say it.
He was screaming all the freaking time, whenever we get into the car, when he sees anyone new, and the minute we enter anywhere!new finally
I can’t forget the day when we went to a restaurant and he started to shout and scream the minute we entered! My husband tried to calm him down, play with him,  giving him his mobile, since you know all the kids like smartphones nowadays!! It helped a little but just until they brought the food! When he started to throw the spoon on the floor, pouring his water, dropping his toys!! And when we asked him why he’s doing it he started to shout!!
We were so ashamed of his shameful behavior.
I remember I wanted to cry when we left the restaurant as soon as we could, not to bother anyone!
When I tell him to close his mouth or to stop screaming, he screams harder and louder, till I lose my temper, and start to shout at him! Then I begin to blame myself!!😱

All the shouting and unreasonable crying! it’s now gotten to the point where I can’t handle it anymore. We are all having a hard time because of my son’s habitual crying and screaming. It’s out of control.

new bath finally .png
Bath time crying
I’ve tried (and still will) talk to him in a calm voice, tell him I love him, that we don’t scream, and he needs to tell me what’s wrong, and to use his words. Sometimes he will, but mostly he won’t. I really don’t know what else can I try to stop his noisy vocal demonstrations!
Though he wasn’t a cry baby, he was always smiling, the happiest baby ever. He’s doing it for 100% dramatic effect. I’ve found that sometimes the best way to handle it is ignoring him. It’s really hysterical how dramatic he is. But unfortunately, more often ignoring him doesn’t do anyone any favors. He’ll just scream louder. And what annoys me the most, that he’s using it to get attention in public places, this is so disgraceful!!
At first, I didn’t give into his crying when it came to wanting something other than being held. But later on, if we are out, I do give into what he wants, because you know, I feel like I don’t wanna bother others with the sound of my crying toddler! And so he got used to getting what he wants by crying! I know it’s wrong, but what else can I do??

Dealing with my son’s tantrums all day is draining me! Some have told me “kids may not enjoy having crying fits, you should figure out what’s wrong with him!!”

Oh, Seriously??!!

Maybe they don’t, but at least, it delays them from having to do something they don’t  want to do. They think that’s the way it works, using a tantrum in order to escape a demand, such as going to bed, or cleaning up his toys. Or getting what they want! such as a very expensive toy, or unhealthy candy!! But sometimes I feel like yes, he’s enjoying it, he thinks it’s kinda playing, or the way to express his feelings. He’s using his sound machine every time, when he’s happy, when he’s sad, when he’s hungry, & when he’s mad. Oh! That drives me crazy!! I’m so confused!!😣

Now really I want to enjoy THIS moment of my kid’s life, and not have the thoughts “I can’t wait until we’re passed this stage”. So, other than his perpetual shouting & crying, he’s so adorable. We constantly fight over who gets to cuddle him after his shower, or who gets to carry him when he gets up from his naps.

He loves hiding in his tent, and under his bed,new talal finally

playing with his toys, mostly cars. Actually, he adores cars, he has more than 30 cars toys, different types, sizes, and colors, and still thinks they’re not enough!!

new cars finally.png
how much my toddler loves cars!!

And whenever we get out of the house, he assumes that he should get a new toy, and guess what?! car again! Another addition to his car’s collection! Well, he loves Lightning McQueen, and memorizes all the cars names in Cars movie.

He loves helping his dad assemble things. He always tries to help us carrying stuff – grocery bags, boxes, etc. But then he drops them and cry “it’s too heavy, I can’t! When am I going to grow up like daddy, to carry them for you?” Oh, sweetheart😍


16 thoughts on “2 Years Old Dear Boy

  1. I have a friend whose husband was out of town at the time when her oldest, a threenager at the time, decided that he was really mad that she turned on the light to HER room. Her action prompted her son to take off all of his clothes, and scream, laying as a starfish, naked, in his dark room.

    Her younger son is a month younger than mine, so soon approaching two. When he was younger than you’d think (I don’t think much older than a year), he would want a banana on their kitchen counter, so he’d drag a chair and climb up. She’d enter the room and see her kid chowing down on a banana that he industriously retrieved.

    Then there are all my tales I write in my blog. It is good that you write them down, as it will be excellent retribution when he finds a significant other during his teenage years…

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    1. Thank you so much! Reading your long, amusing comment meant so much to me! :*) Thank you for taking the time to type out all that.

      By reading your comment, felt that all the throwing tantrums, crying, shouting and other less -than- adorable behavior for my toddler, are normal and could be bearable comparing to your story. I really enjoyed reading it.

      And you’re absolutely right. It’s all going to be as an excellent retribution for him, if he will ever mind reading them 😉

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      1. We Mommies have to stick together… 😉 My kid certainly has him moments too…not so much crying, but when he is tired especially, that’s when I start getting the mischievous and annoying behavior. Dancing on the table, running laps on the sofa, throwing all of his toys in the sink, banging hard plastic objects against cabinets and walls, so you know, it’s always something…

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  2. I’m certainly no expert, not even close because I have no kids.
    But one day in my philosophy class my professor made a good point on this topic…

    He said with his kids, he always tries to encourage the times that his kids are doing the right thing, rather than the opposite. For example, when his kid is sitting on the ground playing with cars by himself he said he immediately thinks, “Oh, he’s quiet, finally I get a break”. But then he says he remembers that its those times that he goes and sits down and acts super interested in his son and whatever task he’s keeping himself occupied with and after he engages and praises him, he leaves him alone. So he does ignore him when he is having his tantrums, but goes a step further and provides that extra positive attention when the boy is tending to himself.
    Hope that makes sense and possibly even help. Such a cute little boy you have 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Reading your kind comment meant so much to me! :*) Thank you for taking the time to type out all that.

      Loved your story, it does make sense. It’s really very helpful, since you know this is exactly what we as parents should do.

      We need to pay our kids much more attention, when they are playing or amusing themselves in a good way. showing them interests will make them feel proud, wanting to amaze us more, and that will be their way for success :))

      Ignoring tantrums sometimes doesn’t help, we need to take actions to let them know that it’s unacceptable, otherwise they will keep doing it just to be heard!!

      Thank you again for your nice story, and kind words 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and even a bigger thank you for leaving a comment 🙂
      your comment had gone into my spam folder and just retrieved it.
      I would love to know what do you study? your comment made me curious 😉


  3. It was hard not to nod along while reading your post. One of my cousins is six, has a tablet of his own, and still the water flows. He’s getting better though; responding to every cry was exhausting for his mother so he’s learning to adjust. Good luck with your son.

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