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Why we can’t trust Chicco anymore!

First of all, I would like to say that I’ve never written a review about anything ever, negative or positive, as I have never felt compelled to and am very tolerant of products and generally figure out a way to acceptably live with them after a while. This product (Chicco Naturalfit) has irritated me so much I had to share my dissatisfaction.

Becoming a mother is a bundle of divine emotions which come with lots of responsibilities. Your priorities turn into looking for what is right for your kids.

Like many, I came from the Chicco Naturalfit system and was very happy with it. I did my research and decided to stay within the Chicco brand given the happiness we enjoyed since we were young when our parents felt proud buying Chicco products!!

But it seems that our childhood’s brand is no longer successful!!
Naturalfit electric steam sterilizer promises you to quickly sanitize within few minutes!! But even with the specified amount of water, this fast operation takes much more than half an hour, this is totally unpractical when you are in a hurry, or you need to go out of the house!!
Doesn’t work with Chicco bottles!!
Chicco naturalfit claims that this sterilizer holds up to 8 naturalfit bottles!! How is this?!! when It’s not suitable for more than 3 naturalfit bottles with their smart parts that don’t fit into the top tier shelf all at once!! besides if you are using long  Chicco evolution angled feeding bottle, it doesn’t fit until you remove the top rack, above and beyond it’s hard to stand upside down to the position for steam to directly reach inside!!
Not to mention that those bottles are hard to open, hard to close, especially when you have wet hands, you’ll struggle to match the lid with the bottle perfectly!! Every night when my baby wakes me up to have his milk bottle, and I got to prepare it half asleep, I remember how many times I drop water or milk because it won’t close easily. I have to look exactly where and how to put the lid on the bottle, so they can match, and be able to close!! dealing with Chicco bottles every night disgusts me!!!new
This product is easy to use like many other products!! and it’s still working well after six months of continuous use. But unfortunately, there appears to be an issue with the heating plate at the bottom, I ran the sterilizer once out of the box to pre-sterilize it ahead of putting any items in it (per the instruction’s booklet) then I ran it once on a brand new bottle tops and pacifiers. For both uses, I used filtered water, not tap water.

Despite the limited use of “filtered” water, and for less than six months, I noticed residue spots had formed on the heating element, and it’s showing signs of discoloration and what looks like rust!!

In other words, the residue shown in the photos will not come off the plate. There seem to be three distinct kinds of residue on the plate–white spots, brown spots and a milky layer emanating from the center of the plate. I don’t know what this stuff is!! But it won’t come off with vigorous scrubbing using vinegar and water. the side edges of the plate appear brown.IMG_1549
Note that I always used to clean it with vinegar and water, and never put dirty bottles in it! Since I wash the bottles very well before putting them inside the sterilizer! Although I followed all of the instructions in the booklet! But the rust issue is ongoing, and never got better!!
 Unfortunately, later on,  I’ve noticed fine rust particles resting on the bottles and the pacifiers!! And the metal plate started to peel off!! Then it got worse and worse, then it became unusable since it became dangerous. Because the sterilized bottles had metal pieces inside!!
I don’t feel comfortable using this sterilizer anymore, as it’s unsafe for my kids, so I ended up throwing it away and buying a new one with different brand

11 thoughts on “Why we can’t trust Chicco anymore!

  1. Huh, i didn’t go through all that stuff with my kids. But even so the way the article was written kept me reading til the end, very well done.

    Might want to fix this line: Naturalfit electric steam sterilizer promises you to quickly sanitizes within few minutes!!
    (Should say: “promises you to quickly sanitize”)

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      1. For the most part i just kept them really clean, about once or twice a month i’d toss a pot of water on to boil and toss everything in for a minute (just a few seconds for the nipples or they start to break down over time) pull em out and let em dry.

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