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Why I don’t want to get pregnant again?

My Second Pregnancy Experience..

When I got pregnant for the second time, we were so excited, we had been trying for six months, and we wanted to have a brother for my son.

When I told my husband after me getting out of the clinic, and my pregnancy confirmed, he was so happy, he jumped and hugged me there, it was so nice.
Being pregnant is a blessing, knowing that you’re carrying a beautiful baby, and that baby is yours!! I’m really thankful for having my 3 years old boy, he’s the joy of my life!
But all the pleasure didn’t stop me from thinking about my first delivery from time to time!
Every time I close my eyes I recall all the feelings and sensations of that process. My first delivery was not that pleasant.
I was extremely terrified of childbirth, I cry every time I get a needle, my entire pregnancy I kept asking my doctor how bad labor would be. And mine was pretty painful.
That day, my husband was at work, and my sister was visiting me to help preparing the hospital bag, when I felt the first light contraction coming, back then I wasn’t sure how the labor will be, so I called my mom to ask her, I didn’t have the motivation to leave the house, but then I phoned my husband, and he came as fast as he could.

I was so frightened, we went to bring my mother first, because I told them If my mom AND my husband were not at my side, I won’t deliver!! Haha 🙂

We reached the hospital at 5pm. And there they managed to get the IV into my hand immediately, after many attempts to insert my IV, they finally succeeded and hooked me up to a bag of fluids. I wanted to tear, but the nurse assured me that labor will be much more hurtful than this small needle!! And she was right!!
They started the meds to induce labor, and I felt fine. I was feeling light contractions for about the next two hours. And then all of a sudden this horrible pain started!! And the contractions started to become more and more intense, they moved right into my lower back, Back labor. I had hoped I wouldn’t experience it, but I had it, and so badly!! I was shouting and yelling and asking for help, it started to be so agonizing, I wanted them to do anything to stop it, I was in severe torment!!
The contractions had begun to hit four in a row with no warning. And I would get about 20-30 seconds rest in between and they would start all over again!!
After two hours of that serious pain, as they gave me the anesthetic, I can’t remember what happened later. The only time I woke was after 10pm. when my family came in, and my dad woke me up to tell me how beautiful my son was. The entire family was grateful for having their first grandchild!! But I felt so tired, and just wanted to sleep!!!!
Oh, I’m so scared!!! I hope my second delivery will be easier!!

6 thoughts on “Why I don’t want to get pregnant again?

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes and comment 🙂
      your comment had gone into my spam folder and just retrieved it.
      I really appreciate your comment. The comments are such a great motivational tool to improve and work on for better.
      Much love!


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